2016 Bookish “Resolutions”

a.k.a “things that will get forgotten and discarded after a very short amount of time”.

2016 resolutionsPic of all the great Christmas presents I got from all-around great people!

Let me start by saying that I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions. I don’t make any in my everyday life for non-bookish things. But giving into the blogging trend of showing your resolutions, I thought I’d share some thoughts I had while looking back on my year of reading 2015.

On my book reading

In 2015 I’ve managed to read almost 70 books —or should I say “bookish items”?— (66 at the time I am writing this), which I’m pretty happy about. Only thing is, a lot of those were comic book trade paperbacks, which means they were short (usually around 150 pages) and even though they make my Goodreads challenge number go up much faster, I guess you could say that I technically read less because I read less pages in 2015 than in 2014. … Am I making any sense?
Thanks to this handy spreadsheet crafted by Brock from the Let’s Read YouTube channel, I can just take a quick look at my “summary” page and tell you that of the 66 items counted in my Goodreads challenge, 20 were comic book trades, and 8 were short fiction. In 2016, I would like to read more novels.

On a similar note, given that a lot of what I read in 2015 were relatively short things, with an average of 272 pages per book according to Goodreads, I would like to read more big books. Does this sentence sound weird or is it just my foreigner’s brain having a hard time processing it? A “big book” is a relative thing and it changes from person to person. I think in my case, this would be a book over 350 pages. In 2015 I read 34 things under 200 pages (18 between 200 and 400 pages, 15 over 400 pages). That’s half of the things I read, and 200 pages really isn’t all that much.
I want to challenge myself to read more lengthy books because I usually get too intimidated to crack them open. I should stop considering how much time it would get me to get through a book, and just pick it up because the story interests me (however long the book may be).

On my book buying

Back to Brock’s spreadsheet… In order to count up your TBR progress, and just keep track of things in general, there is a “purchases” sheet in the Excel document which allows you to catalogue all the books you’ve bought during the year. In my case, that was way too much! I won’t tell you the exact number or how much I spent, but just know that it is too much!
I don’t want to say that from January 1st I will be on a buying ban, because it might be the best way for me to splurge and go crazy, but I want to set some guidelines for myself in 2016:

  • give priority to the books already on my TBR (I own too much books I haven’t read yet)
  • avoid buying online too much. yes it’s cheaper and easier, but then you end up with 100 unread books
  • favour going to physical bookshops (even though it’s a scarce thing in my parts of the world)
  • my Kindle is my friend, the one shelf I have at home is overflowing and hates me right now
  • gifts and special occasions are okay. I love receiving books as gifts, and buying books when I visit a new book store (when one visits Hatchard’s in London, one buys a book there as a souvenir. Everyone knows that)
  • new releases are cool and pre-orders are usually cheaper, so treat yourself once in a while. it will teach you to look for new books on your own and not just give in to the BookTube hype

… Says the girl with 5 books on the way… -__-

I basically need to be more thoughtful (is that the word I was looking for?) about how and how much I buy books. I love owning books, and I’m not ready to give that up, but I think what I like even more is being able to say “oh yeah, I read that one” when someone talks about a book, and not just “oh yeah, I own that one”.

3 thoughts on “2016 Bookish “Resolutions”

  1. ” I love receiving books as gifts” <3 I KNOW and me too !

    I love this post, it makes me want to make new "resolutions" as well. What are the 5 books coming to you ?

    I barely made it this year to my challenge, last year was so much greater and I feel bad for not reading all the books I should have read. I shouldn't put so much pressure on myself. I don't know. Rambling, lack of sleep.

    1. Well yeah, we’re bookworms, so receiving books as gifts is always special. Plus, I think there’s something really special about getting a book from someone, because first it means that they acknowledge your love for books and encourage it, and second, whether or not they choose from a wishlist, they still choose something that they think you would like. So it’s a really personal process I feel like.

      The 5 books I was waiting for were the 4 novels of the
      Robot series
      by Isaac Asimov and La Nuit des Temps by René Barjavel (I figured I needed to try some French SF). 3 arrived, still waiting on the last 2.

      These are pretty weak resolutions, though. I’m very bad at them anyway because I know that within a couple of week they would be totally discarded, so I tried to keep it simple (I already am lurking on Amazon looking at all the things I could buy, so I buy Funkos instead of books). Plus, you were kind of busy this year, so it’s nothing too unusual that you got to read a bit less. And sometimes, your mind just isn’t into it, and that’s okay too.

  2. People encouraging your love for books are the absolute best! I’ve always loved getting books at my birthday, they were always the highlight of my day!

    you just get me, thanks fox. Funkos are also cool ! 😉

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