Wrap Up│February 2015

wrap up feb 15


The Human Engineer by Jessica Brody (short story) // Review
Green Arrow, vol.1: Quiver by Kevin Smith, Phil Hester, Ande Parks // Review
Green Arrow, vol.2: Sounds of Violence by Kevin Smith, Phil Hester, Ande Park // Review
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell // Review
The Martian by Andy Weir // Review
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins // Review
Schrödinger’s Gun by Ray Wood (short story) // Review
Inverted World by Christopher Priest // Review


Underworld // Predestination // Artifact / Katy Perry: Part of Me // Trance // Wanted // I, Robot // Toy Story That Time Forgot (short film) // Alien // Playing It Cool // Bachelor Party // Chronicle // Die Hard // Nothing in Common // Hercules (1997) // Jupiter Ascending // Big Hero 6 // Apollo 13 // Monsters University // 2001: A Space Odyssey // Trust Me // Die Hard 2 // Clouds of Sils Maria // Dracula Untold // Kingsman: The Secret Service // Foxcatcher // Her

italic: rewatched
bold: seen in a movie theatre
link: my review on Letterboxd


4 novels, 2 comic books, 2 short stories; 1 short film, 26 movies.

Well, that’s much better, ain’t it? Compared to January I mean. I finally finished Cloud Atlas, which was an accomplishment in itself, and then I had a pretty good reading month, finally reading The Martian and experiencing Audible and audiobooks for the first time.

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