The year I read 70 books

year of reading 2015

I wanted to do this last year, but never got to. And by “this”, I mean taking a picture of all the books I have read during the year.

Not all the books I read in 2015 are pictured, some were ebooks or audiobooks. … It does look a bit disappointing, though, doesn’t it? 2015 being the year I have read the most books, I expected the picture to be a bit more dramatic.

I’m not big on statistics, so I won’t be breaking down what I read in 2015 into categories (but if you’re up for a general overview, here is a lovely graph provided by Goodreads). But just know that this was my year of discovering and falling in love with science fiction. That’s the genre I read the most this year. And probably the genre I’ll read most in 2016 as well since the majority of the books I’ve bought recently are sci-fi.

This is the age of the nerd my friend, science fiction is coming back with a vengeance (Star Wars VII probably helped awaken the geek inside some of us, let’s be real).

EDIT:  I think I messed up a bit: 2 books on this picture were put there by mistake and were not actually read in 2015. … Oh well.

4 thoughts on “The year I read 70 books

  1. L’image reste quand même très impressionnante 🙂 Lisant surtout sur ma liseuse, c’est vrai que c’est assez frustrant de ne pas pouvoir prendre de tels clichés.

    Yay pour la SF ! Je n’en lis pas assez, d’ailleurs si tu as des titres à me conseiller je suis preneuse !

    1. C’est le seul inconvénient des liseuses: on ne peut pas faire de photos de wrap-ups de tout ce qu’on a lu.

      Pour la SF, le livre qui a “tout” (soyons dramatiques) changé pour moi, c’est Ender’s Game de Orson Scott Card. Un peu avant j’avais aussi lu Ready Player One de Ernest Cline que j’ai également adoré.

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