Dune by Frank Herbert

Well, it took me a long time, but I finally finished this. The book being split into 3 parts, I decided to take a break after each part and read something in between.

This was quite fascinating to read. The complexity of the story, world and characters is absolutely mesmerizing.
I will say though that I got a little bit lost in the names. Such complicated names, sometimes 4 for just one character (go figure), that I wasn’t always able to place right away who was who. If you are to read this, I suggest that you get yourself a character chart or something, because it can be quite overwhelming.

Although the story is quite complex, the writing style is quite easy to read; so this might be a relief to people who are scared to read this book.

I am very glad that I finally read Dune; this is a big staple of science-fiction literature, and anyone who is interested in this genre should take a look at it.