2016│A Year in Books


This picture was harder to take than the one from last year. I had more books to fit this year. And I didn’t even include Harry Potter, which I re-read this year.

For someone who’s addicted to Brock’s spreadsheet, weirdly enough, I’m not that much into statistics. But let me tell you this…

In 2016,

• I read a total of 78 items. For an average of 6.5 books per month.

Of those, 48 were “regular” books/novels, and 30 were graphic novels/comic books.
62 of those items were read on a physical copy, while the other 16 were read digitally.

• I read a total of 24 594 pages. For an average of 2059 pages per month, and an average of 308 pages per book.

• I gave an average of 3.31 stars per book.

• 47 books were a part of a series, and 23 were standalones.

• My most read genres were Fantasy (9800 pages), Science Fiction (5820 pages) and Graphic Novel (4736 pages). I know “graphic novel” isn’t a genre, but it was listed as such in Brock’s 2016 spreadsheet, so there you go.

In 2017,

I don’t plan on setting too many reading goals for myself. Like every year, I set up a Goodreads reading challenge, which I feel won’t mean that much because I’ve started to read mangas and bandes dessinées on my lunch break at work, and these are usually very short, so it will make my reading statistics go up very quickly. So maybe from now on, in my monthly reading wrap-ups, I will separate novels from sequential arts (comics, mangas, etc.).

As for the Top 10 Best Books of 2016… I’m not feeling it… Not that I read bad books in 2016, but I don’t feel like I’ve read enough of books that blew me away to try to fit them and a couple of okay ones in a Top 10.

How did you enjoy your reading in 2016? Are you happy with what you read? What are your plans for 2017?

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